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How to create a non-primary address in global adressbook

Example of how you can create a non-primary address for an entry in the global address book via code.

static void createPartyAddressNonPrimary(Args _args)
    DirPartyTable dirPartyTable = DirPartyTable::findByNum("???100000??");
    DirParty dirParty;
    DirPartyPostalAddressView dirPartyPostalAddressView;

    // Create instance of dirParty
    dirParty = DirParty::constructFromCommon(dirPartyTable, DirUtility::getCurrentDateTime(), dirPartyTable.partyType());

    // Create primary address
    dirPartyPostalAddressView.LocationName      = "Delivery";
    dirPartyPostalAddressView.City              = "Vienna";
    dirPartyPostalAddressView.Street            = "Kärtnerring";
    dirPartyPostalAddressView.StreetNumber      = "21";
    dirPartyPostalAddressView.CountryRegionId   = "AUT";
    dirPartyPostalAddressView.IsPrimary         = NoYes::No;

These post applies to following version:
Dynamics AX 2012

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