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Error "Argument to method getFieldValue out of range" during import using a data entity

When importing data via a self-created data entity that also contains financial dimensions for a self-created table, I recently had the problem that the import always failed with the following error:

Argument to method getFieldValue out of range

During debugging it turned out that a field name could not be determined in the method DimensionDynamicAccountDataEntityResolver.getEnumValue(). However, the responsible method DictDataEntityField.dynamicDimensionEnumartionField() is not visible.


Cause and Solution

In the entity, a connection must be created between the dimension field with the RecId and the associated account type. This is done using the two properties Dimension Legal Entity Context Field and Dynamic Dimension Enumeration Field of the dimension field, see screenshot.

Properties of the data entity

  • LedgerDimension is extended from EDT DimensionDynamicAccount
  • LedgerAccountType is the associated account field that is extended from the EDT LedgerJournalACType.
These post applies to following version:
Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

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