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SysOperation-Framework: Usage data per MenuItem

Imagine you have a function build using the SysOperation framework that can be called at different places in the system, and you want to make sure that these calls do not share the same usage data.

In such a case you could create two (or more) MenuItems and override the method lastValueDesignName() of the controller as follows. This will store separate usage data for each MenuItem.

protected IdentifierName lastValueDesignName()
    IdentifierName ret;

    ret = super();

    if (this.parmArgs() && this.parmArgs().menuItemName())
        ret = this.parmArgs().menuItemName();   

    return ret;

By default AX would store the usage data with the name of the called method.


After the modification described above, two data records are stored in the usage data.


In my scenario I used two MenuItems called TutorialSysOperationServiceController and TutorialSysOperationServiceControllerNow.

These post applies to following version:
Dynamics AX 2012

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