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Mobile Device Portal: Simple field validation

For the first time, I had the requirement to implement a simple field validation in the Mobile Device Portal (MDP). After I have tried something with the WHSWorkExecute class, I have found the class method WHSRFControlData.processData() as well suited for such type of exams.

Such an examination could look as follows:

case #Qty:
    qty = WHSWorkExecuteDisplay::str2numDisplay(data);
    if (qty <= 0)
        errorMessage = "@WAX1172";
        hasError = true;

    //--> Start
    if (pass.exists(#ProdId) &&
        pass.lookupStr(#ProdId) != "" &&
        mode == WHSWorkExecuteMode::ReportAsFinished)
        my_ProdTable = ProdTable::find(pass.lookup(#ProdId));

        if (qty + my_ProdTable.reportedFinishedGood() +
            my_ProdTable.reportedFinishedError() > my_ProdTable.QtyStUp)
            errorMessage = "@SYS16097";
            hasError = true;
    //<-- End
These post applies to following version:
Dynamics AX 2012

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