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How to create a AX<Table>-Class II

If you need a so called AX-class can use the class AxGenerateAxBCClass.


Simply call this class in the AOT by right clicking and follow the wizard or use following job:

static void generateAXTableClass(Args _args)
    AxGenerateAxBCClass axGenerateAxBCClass;
    axGenerateAxBCClass = new AxGenerateAxBCClass();

A that way generated class must be modified sometimes, but using the wizard is much faster than creating the class manually.

If the table changes, for example when adding new fields, you simply call that AxGenerateAxBCClass again and the AX

-class will be extended accordingly.


How to use such AX

-classes, i've described here.


These post applies to following versions:
Dynamics AX 2009, Dynamics AX 2012

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