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Import data from csv-file to Dynamics AX

Using the CommaTextIo class you can import CSV files into Dynamics AX. The job shows a simple example of using this class.

static void importCSVFile(Args _args)
    Filename fileName = @"c:	empcsvimport.csv";
    CommaTextIo commaTextIo = new CommaTextIo(fileName, "r");
    container lineCon;

    commaTextIo.inRecordDelimiter(' ');
    while (commaTextIo.status() == IO_Status::OK)
        lineCon =;

        info(strFmt("%1 %2 %3", conPeek(lineCon, 1), conPeek(lineCon, 2), conPeek(lineCon, 3)));

In principle, this would also work with the TextIo class (or AsciiIo), but it must be noted that these classes can provide unexpected results when, for eample the inFieldDelimiter - in my example a semicolon - occurs within a text.


The following sample file would otherwise be processed, as expected from the developer. The third column in the third row would be interpreted as two columns by the read()-method.

102;50,28;"Customername 3; Second customername"
These post applies to following versions:
Dynamics AX 2009, Dynamics AX 2012

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