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AX 2012: How to create a record in Global address book throgh code

Using the following job you will be able to create a organization in the global address book of Dynamics AX 2012.

Please be aware, that a minimum of fields will be used and the so-called Record type has the value of "Any".


Please note, that this type of record is only conditionally suitable for companies. This record type for exmaple controls the displayed fields in the vendor from. Furthermore, please be aware that - as far as i know - this Record type cannot be changed in Dynamics AX.

static void createDirPartyTable(Args _args)
    AxDirPartyTable axDirPartyTable;

    axDirPartyTable = AxDirPartyTable::construct();
    axDirPartyTable.continueOnError(true);  // Validate fields without stopping error

    axDirPartyTable.parmName(           'Name of Organization');
    axDirPartyTable.parmNameAlias(      'Namealias');
    axDirPartyTable.parmLanguageId(     'de-at');
    axDirPartyTable.parmPartyNumber(    '200000');;

The created record using the above Job, will look like this:


These post applies to following version:
Dynamics AX 2012

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