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Which fields are shown in an auto-generated lookup?

I was asked this question recently and was not able to answer.

But i still knew that i had seen a page where this is explained in detail. But i knew neither find it manually nor using various search engines.

But in old documents of mine i found the source then, the trick to find it using search engines, is using the old name of Microsoft Dynamics AX - Axapta to look for it!

Do this, you will quickly find following page:

In principle, there is everything described, what you need to know, below find a short example using the EDT PRODID:

If you created a string control in a form on the basis of this EDT, the lookup looks as follows:



Well actually at first sight is not necessarily clear where Dynamics AX takes the fields to be displayed, one studies the post linked above, but you can see that the fields are displayed from the Indexes.


These post applies to following versions:
Axapta 2.5, Axapta 3.0, Dynamics AX 4.0, Dynamics AX 2009, Dynamics AX 2012

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