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Create waves for one or multiple deliveries

The following snippet shows how to build waves and work for one ore more delivery through code. This will usually happen if you use the "Release to warehouse" function.



Release load to warehouse

The following code snippet executes the "Release to warehouse" function of a load, but without generating the waves/work.

static void Job1(Args _args)
    WHSLoadPostEngine::post(whsLoadTable::find('USMF-000004', true));


Process wave through code

With the following code, you can process a wave through code. This is normally done when calling the function "Release to warehouse", depending on the WHS parameters.




Add sales order line to existing load through code

In this post I would like to show how you can add all the lines of an sales order or even a selection of sales order lines by code to an existing load.


Mobile Device Portal: Simple field validation

For the first time, I had the requirement to implement a simple field validation in the Mobile Device Portal (MDP). After I have tried something with the WHSWorkExecute class, I have found the class method WHSRFControlData.processData() as well suited for such type of exams.

Such an examination could look as follows:

case #Qty:
    qty = WHSWorkExecuteDisplay::str2numDisplay(data);
    if (qty <= 0)
        errorMessage = "@WAX1172";
        hasError = true;

    //--> Start
    if (pass.exists(#ProdId) &&
        pass.lookupStr(#ProdId) != "" &&
        mode == WHSWorkExecuteMode::ReportAsFinished)
        my_ProdTable = ProdTable::find(pass.lookup(#ProdId));

        if (qty + my_ProdTable.reportedFinishedGood() +
            my_ProdTable.reportedFinishedError() > my_ProdTable.QtyStUp)
            errorMessage = "@SYS16097";
            hasError = true;
    //<-- End



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